Control Your Spiraling Cloud Spend

Donald Field
September 9, 2022

With cloud costs rising at a 30%+ CAGR for the past 10 years, companies need help containing the runaway costs.  

In fact, Gartner predicts that Cloud computing costs are expected to surpass traditional computing costs by 2025. Where are the controls?  

The cloud providers themselves offer some help but their goal is not to save you money.  And with complex pricing schemes and 100s of options to choose from, even the most dedicated DevOps/FinOps teams need help. Expensive solutions for large enterprises spending millions per month do exist but how can other firms with cloud spend of $5K/month or more tackle this ‘cloud bloat’ that squanders your budget?

Cloud Finops Tools

Fortunately, new lower-cost web-based applications can seamlessly ‘audit’ your cloud spend to identify waste. By providing AI-developed recommendations you can eliminate excess costs without impacting your performance.

Consider CloudTrakr, a multi-cloud analytics tool that provides AI recommendations to optimize your spend and provides a simplified view where every penny of your cloud cost is being spent. Users have reported 20+% savings of their cloud spend within the 2 week free trial  period. CloudTrakr saves you money within days of the one hour installation so you can rein in your costs and more accurately predict them going forward.

See How Much You Can Save.

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