How SMBs can tame the ‘Cloud Beast’

Donald Field
September 9, 2022

As cloud costs continue to accelerate, large cloud users have discovered new solutions to help them manage and reduce their unnecessary cloud spend.  These products have high marketing budgets with expensive sales teams and like all enterprise tools, they charge sky-high fees.  The largest players require monthly cloud spend of >$50K simply to make their solutions justifiable.

So how does an SMB with the same problem of rising cloud costs attack these costs?  Fortunately, there is a new tool for users of AWS, Azure, or GCP (or all 3) with monthly cloud spend of even <$10K that economically provide the same visibility to wasteful spend.  They are presented in a user-friendly dashboard with specific AI-based specific recommendations to control spending without impacting performance or control.  And they even have a mobile app for remote oversight.

If you’re curious how these tools can help your organization tame the cloud beast, contact CloudTrakr for a free 2 week trial.

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