Our Product

CloudTrakr is the easiest-to-use, cost intelligent and AI powered platform that helps organizations to collaborate and act on spending decisions.

Total visibility to understand your cloud costs that improve organizational efficiency

Budgets, auto-generated reports, and deeper visibility increase accountability

Makes it easier to practice lean cost culture by sharing and taking ownership

Designed by DevOps engineers who are available to guide you through the process

Actionable data, in real time

Current solutions for cloud cost data are lacking. They are difficult to understand, lack deeper visibility, and require a lot of time and sometimes, an entire team to use. With CloudTrakr, we take away all of these frustrations for you and provide you with actionable data in just three clicks.

Connect in minutes,
Start saving in hours.

Access anywhere,
Browser and mobile app

Complete self service portal with AI recommendations

Deeper visibility in just three clicks

Designed by DevOps engineers with ease in mind

All in one multi-cloud view

CloudTrakr's dashboard has a sleek, easy-to-use user interface so you can see all of your cloud cost data in one place.

Calendar view to analyze your spend by months and days

View top services spend by month

Easy and quick access smart tabs

AI Recommendations

CloudTrakr recommendation engines are built on analyzing real data from 10K+ accounts, 100K+ resources and metrics to provide better recommendations to take actions to reduce costs and operate efficiently.

Identifies idle resources by capturing data every 24 hours

CloudTrakr collects data from AWS Cloudwatch, Azure Monitor, and your read-only usage and billing data.

Deeper Visibility

Spending Visibility is the number one challenge in managing the cloud. CloudTrakr focuses on your spending that shows what, where, and how you are spending your money.

CloudTrakr brings together the business leadership, Finance, IT, and Engineering teams to see the spending in multiple perspectives

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