Our mission is to turn your cloud waste into savings in less time. CloudTrakr is the easiest-to-use cloud cost intelligence platform -deeper visibility in just 1 click​. We help organizations deliver value from Cloud investments faster with AI-powered recommendations.

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Our Story

CloudTrakr was founded in 2020 by Chandra Devarajan.

In his former role as a Global DevOps Engineer, Chandra tested leading cloud cost tools in the market and was frustrated with the time needed to get actionable information and cumbersome dashboards.

CloudTrakr was designed from the beginning with easy-to-use UI and valuable cloud cost data in just 1 click. It was built to be 100% self-service, with no training required . And the best part is, the charts and AI recommendations can be easily shared over Slack, Teams and on our Mobile App to improve collaborative relationships and decision making across the organization.

Chandra’s mission is to make it easy for all organizations to save on their cloud spend.


Orange County, California
112 E Amerige Ave, #319
Fullerton, CA 92832

Our Satisfied Customers: Real-world Success Stories

From startups to global enterprises, discover how we're helping our customers automate, simplify and optimize their cloud operations.

“CloudTrakr presents key spending indicators across all our cloud subscriptions including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure reducing our time spend to make reports from each individually. The cost data is accurately summarized for each service giving us confidence in the results. Report summaries are appropriate for both management and technical level users.”
Bryan Schacht
Sr. Director, Sharp
"Single dashboard for all cloud accounts, sharing to the entire team, deeper visibility of resources and EC2 recommendations are highlights. The cost data presentation has many options and each is designed to allow me to quickly isolate trends in spending for prompt action.”
Parm Lalli
Founder, Planalytix
"Saved $5K on RDS databases on Day 1."
Dan Bartlett
Solutions Architect, OnlineDraft

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