Our mission is to turn your cloud waste into savings in less time. CloudTrakr is the easiest to use cloud cost intelligence platform -deeper visibility in just 3 clicks​. We help organizations deliver value from Cloud investments faster with AI powered recommendations.

Meet the Team

We’re committed to making CloudTrakr a great place to work, for ourselves and our investors.

Don Field


Don Field joined CloudTrakr as CEO after advising the company during its development phase.  He saw the great potential in helping organizations deliver more value from their cloud investments using a data-driven solution.  Don had employed the founder Chandra Devarajan as VP, Engineering, at his previous company, Ephesoft, and was impressed with Chandra’s impressive technical and management skills.  Don joined to help accelerate CloudTrakr’s market introduction and build a leadership position in the market.

Prior to joining CloudTrakr, Don was CEO at Ephesoft, a leader in AI-driven document automation.  During his 7 years as CEO, the company became a major player in the field growing 40% annually.  Previously, Don was VP, Technical Services, at Kofax, Inc. managing a global team of 175 engineers.

Don earned a BS, Computer Science from Purdue University and an MBA from University of Illinois.  He sits on the boards of Ephesoft and Sensor Synergy.


Chandra Devarajan

Founder, CTO

Chandra Devarajan is the Founder and CTO of CloudTrakr.

When he was working in his previous companies, he found they were way over budget on their cloud services spend.  Nobody could understand what we were paying for and why.  He dug into the data, created internal communications that simplified the reports, uncovered wasteful spend, and helped the company save >$100K per year.  Then he realized, that every company that is using these cloud offerings needs a simple and easy way to manage their spend and created CloudTrakr to help organizations from startup to Enterprises to reduce cloud waste to save more and manage cloud efficiently.

He is a leader in software development and operations in cloud services. He managed teams globally in USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. He specialized in building SaaS products on cloud using AWS, Azure, GCP, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Big Data and Analytics. He is an expert in execution and delivery of SaaS products using the modern technology, data and product strategy, and software engineering, cloud-based information architecture, security and Agile process.

He have designed and built successful B2B platforms on cloud in consumer, healthcare, finance and retail markets.

Chandra earned Masters in Computer Applications from University of Madras and studied Health Sciences at University of Auckland.


Lorrie Rudolph

VP Customer Success

Lorrie Rudolph joined CloudTrakr as VP Customer Success.  She worked with CloudTrakr CEO, Don Field during their previous tech careers at IBM and Kofax. After meeting CloudTrakr founder Chandra Devarajan and reviewing CloudTrakr's hyper convenient, affordable cloud cost optimization solution, she enthusiastically joined the CloudTrakr team.

Prior to joining CloudTrakr, Lorrie was a sales executive, product manager and marketing manager at IBM and a small business owner. Throughout her career Lorrie has been committed to building long-term successful client relationships.   "The sole reason we are in business is to provide value day one and long term."

Lorrie earned a BS, Systems Engineering and Economics from UCLA.

The CloudTrakr Story

CloudTrakr was founded in 2020 by Chandra Devarajan.
In his former role as a Global DevOps Engineer, Chandra tested leading cloud cost tools in the market and was frustrated with the time needed to get actionable information and cumbersome dashboards.
CloudTrakr was designed from the beginning with easy-to-use UI and valuable cloud cost data in just 3-clicks. It was built to be 100% self-service, with no training required . And the best part is, the charts and AI recommendations can be easily shared over Slack, Teams and on our Mobile App to improve collaborative relationships and decision making across the organization.  

Chandra’s mission is to make it easy for all organizations to save on their cloud spend.