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CloudTrakr vs Azure and AWS Cost Management Tools

Lorrie Rudolph
September 30, 2022

CloudTrakr is a next generation cost intelligence platform that makes it easy to understand, manage, and predict your cloud spend in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


  • Has beautiful UI and a 3-click design, so you can see cost in the cloud across multiple regions, cost by accounts, cost by teams and global usage automatically on a single dashboard with just a few taps of a button.
  • Can analyze your spending within Azure and AWS, compare against an annual budget, and alert you about possible under-utilization in real-time.
  • Helps you understand your daily, monthly and yearly costs of running applications and services in the cloud.
  • Provides a strategic view on your cloud spend so you can reduce costs by identifying unnecessary resources, keep track of spend across all clouds and identify ways to optimize usage.
  • Is easy to use and connects within minutes, so your IT organization can focus on other things.
  • Automates the collection of consumption and usage metrics from multiple public clouds, including AWS, Azure and GCP.

Azure and AWS both provide cost management tools, but they’re different in how they operate. It’s important to know how these tools differ, because they often make different recommendations in their interest to lock you in for 3 years commitment by offering huge discounts. You will be spending more time on how reserved instances are utilized and how to sell unused reserved instances in the market rather than spending more time on your business.  

In contrast, one of the key differentiators is that CloudTrakr provides recommendations based on your needs, spending patterns and price comparison between on-demand and reserved resources. We often recommend resizing your resources in the On-demand model itself instead of locking you into reserved commitments.

CloudTrakr's Key Capabilities

Deeper visibility in 3 clicks

Spending Visibility is the number one challenge in managing the cloud. CloudTrakr focuses on your spending that shows what, where and how you are spending your money. CloudTrakr brings together the business leadership, Finance, IT, and Engineering teams to see the spending in multiple perspectives - from a bird's eye view, to a granular level. This way you can make smart decisions with the precise recommendations it provides.

You can monitor multiple cloud accounts at one place.  Our proprietary “Calendar view” shows the spending by months and days at high level of spending to granular level of resources with 1 click to gain total visibility of 1 year spending of all your cloud for you to understand easily as below.

Multi-cloud billing: 1-year view highlighting spend by accounts, locations, services and resources

Enlarged view:

Native tools such as Azure cost management does not show deeper visibility like ours does. CloudTrakr is dedicated to controlling and optimizing cloud costs.

AI Recommendations based on your needs

CloudTrakr recommendation engines are built on analyzing real data from 10K+ accounts, 100K+ resources and metrics to provide better recommendations to take actions to reduce costs and operate efficiently.

AWS Recommendations only supports stopped, idle and over-utilized EC2, unattached and underutilized EBS volumes, right sizing EC2, RDS, S3 and DynamoDB resources.  

For instance, the following RDS recommendation shows to downgrade the instance type to save $109.44/month based on 8.21% of average CPU utilization in the last 30 days.

AWS cost management tool recommends purchasing RDS reserved capacity for a 3-year term for the same capacity usage luring huge discounts up to 50%. But you really do not need a reserved commitment for 3 years.

Multi-cloud dashboard

CloudTrakr provides a simple, concise and beautiful user interface to view all your cloud providers and resources in a single-pane view.

CloudTrakr makes it easy to use, easy to navigate and boosts your productivity with our 3-click design. Native tools require much more time and possibly 100s of clicks to get actionable information.

With CloudTrakr, you can spend more time on innovating your products.

World’s first mobile app for multi-cloud cost

You can view your spending and recommendations anytime, anywhere from your Android and iPhones.

In summary, CloudTrakr provides end-to-end visibility and actionable understanding of your cloud costs, which helps you optimize spending and reduce costs. CloudTrakr automatically detects your cloud spend, identifies misconfigurations and unmonitored costs, alarms potential risk areas and alerts on usage spikes, identifying savings opportunities across hundreds of resources in AWS, Azure and GCP. With this power in your hands, you can transform into an IT leader with influence over the continuous improvement of your organization’s IT cost management practices.

CloudTrakr is easy to use and connects within minutes, so your IT organization can focus on other things while it automates the collection of consumption and usage metrics from multiple public clouds, including AWS, Azure and GCP.

1. CloudTrakr provides detailed information about your cloud usage

2. CloudTrakr allows you to identify the most expensive resources in your account for each month/quarter

3. It is able to identify idle resources by capturing data from AWS / Azure every 24 hours  

4. It provides a simple, concise and beautiful user interface  

5. You can monitor multiple cloud accounts at one place  

6. You can see an overview of all your AWS / Azure costs across multiple accounts  

7. You can monitor costs of individual services  

8. It lets you find out how much a specific application costs

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