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How to get the Best Value from the Cloud?

Chandra Devarajan
September 7, 2022

According to IDC

  • 30% of cloud spending is wasted
  • 45% organizations top priority is to control cloud costs
  • 90% of organizations also consider reigning in the cost of IT delivery as a priority

Many organizations struggle to use the native billing and cost management tools from AWS, Azure and GCP. The dashboards and reports are not easy to understand. The recommendations provided by these cloud service providers are to buy reserved capacities to commit for multi-year contracts. With these recommendations, organizations think they get more discounts in buying the multi-year reserved EC2, VM, RDS and SQL instances. In reality, organizations are wasting the reserved commitments and utilizing less than 50% and provisioning twice the capacity of actual requirements.

Organizations are in need of external cloud cost management and optimization tools such as CloudTrakr is a paramount in managing their cloud spend smartly and to reduce the cloud waste. It is more challenging than most companies expect in controlling cloud costs due to cloud complexity and 1000s of variable pricing that changes at warp speed.

How to achieve cloud cost efficiency?

How to control costs without losing flexibility?

Organizations, especially technology leaders should “Empower engineers” to control cloud costs that results in cost efficiency, flexibility, reduces spending waste and gives the best value from the Cloud.

CloudTrakr puts Engineers-First approach in reducing inefficiencies.

CloudTrakr enables engineers to optimize their cloud spending as they are the source of creation. Engineers know what to do better than anybody else. With the multiple tasks on their hand, CloudTrakr helps them to identify the cloud waste easily with less time.

Now, Engineers can optimize cloud costs using CloudTrakr with transparency, accuracy and efficiency.

Decision makers often don't have access to cloud and don't know how to take actions on identified inefficiencies. Engineers mostly have access to the resources, and they can take actions to reduce inefficiencies reported in unused and rightsizing underutilized resources.

CloudTrakr enables engineers to take actions on our recommendations to reduce inefficiencies. This reduction results in saving 37% of budgeted spend in the first year and subsequently save at least 20% in the following years. The money saved can be used to reinvest in new projects or bringing new engineers to the team.

See How Much You Can Save.

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